The Red Briefcase / Den Röda Väskan

The Red Briefcase is a project containing 400 pages of poetry, prose, cut-ups, images and transcriptions based on documents and writings that a relative of My collected in a red briefcase before the relative passed away ten years ago. The project examines subjects such as heritage, memory, femininity, mental and physical illness and the political state in Sweden during the 1980s.


Excerpts published in the anthology What’s the answer? In that case, what’s the question? / Vad är svaret? I så fall, vad är frågan?


Gothenburg Public Library, 2016
Hagateatern, Gothenburg 2016
Litteraturhuset, Gothenburg 2016
Glashuset, Gothenburg 2016
Islands Brygge Bibliotek, Copenhagen 2015
Astrid Noacks Atelier, Copenhagen 2015
Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo 2015
Litteraturhuset, Gothenburg 2015
Glashuset, Gothenburg 2015