Sleeping Images

How do the surroundings we grow up in impact our adulthood? Looking back through the distortion of memory, which images of the past do we wish to keep? And how do we conduct our forgetfulness?

In SLEEPING IMAGES, a collaboration by poet My Roman Fagerlind and photographer Angelina Bergenwall, memory takes form of a fragmented photo album transforming a reconstructed pastness into present meaning.

Based on Roland Barthes notion that photographs are demolished time, the photographs in SLEEPING IMAGES were constructed at the farm in Southern Sweden where Roman Fagerlind grew up. Every image represents a memory that is later interpreted into poetry.

The exhibition was produced by OGRAFY and opened in November 2018 at Erik Nordenhake Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

To view and purchase the prints, visit angelinabergenwall.com/prints

For prizes, contact myfagerlind@live.se or angelinabergenwall@gmail.com