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My Amelie Roman Fagerlind is a writer and text based artist born 1989 in Stockholm, currently splitting her time between Stockholm and New York. She has a MFA in artistic writing from Valand Academy of Fine Arts and a writing degree from Biskops Arnös Författarskola.

What is the place and the role of our bodies in a consumer society with strict norms and high demands on functionality? What are the limitations and the possibilities for our bodies, what are the limitations and possibilities for our minds? How is our perceptions inflicted and how does it transform into language? My Roman Fagerlind works carefully around those questions, weaving together personal experiences with discourses in her surroundings. By combining documentary and digital teqniques she creates a dynamic time line where the presence is constantly confronted by the past.

For commissions, collaborations or questions – contact My at myfagerlind@live.se.